FAQ – Frequently asked question

What is a dedicated server, why is it needed?

Dediс – obviously comes from the English word “dedicated”, that means English is highlighted. That is, Dedic is a dedicated server. Dediс, as they are called, which are quite powerful network interfaces, channels, and rather weak hardware configuration used to process the data, and for storing databases, or any other material under them to service personnel, company or organization.

How to connect to a dedicated server?

To connect to the dedicated server, you can use the built-in windows utilities: Connection to remote desktop. Start = > Programs = > Accessories = > Communication = > remote desktop Connection. It is possible still so: start => Run => mstsc. Another utility to connect to a dedicated server is a [BL4CK] VNC Viewer: Authentication Bypass. Just run it and enter the ip address of the dedicated server.

Why the need for a dedicated server?

Well, for example for  icq, soap, shopping, poker.

How to upload files to the dedicated server?

Pack all files, all software in one archive, fill in the file sharing for example: slil.ru, depositfiles, Yandex Disk, DropBox and others. Get the download link, go to the browser of a dedicated server, and download all his stuff for the dedic! Either set a time weaver and just run and shoot!

How can I prolong the life of the dedicated server?

1. Never leave files on your desktop. Even under your account.

2. Don’t forget to hide your file folder.

3. Never delete files that don’t belong to you. Only in case of need.

Why can't I connect to my dedic?

Probably admin changed the password or closed the access to your computer, i.e., closed port 3389.

Where can I buy a quality dedicated server?

Exclusively WE have in the store Dedic.Store! Always a large selection of fast dedics in different locations! Write!


Do you still doubt?

Email us anytime with any questions! Always glad to new clients!

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